Recently founded with the vision of allowing consumers to buy goods from China, has a potential of becoming a leading Global online retailer. At we believe that consumers have interests, passions and pursuits that cannot be fulfilled with products from domestics markets. Fulfilling these needs and exposing Chinese products to outside of China is our main purpose.

70,000 plus products and counting...

Whether you have a fascination for electronics and gadgets, or a passion for sports and the outdoors, or a taste in music, books and movies, or a hankering for the latest fashions, we have what you are looking for at the best prices you would look for Guaranteed!!! With a target of reaching 100,000 products by next year, we've forged partnerships with some of the biggest and most trusted global brands and suppliers so it doesn't matter how hard it is to get a product - if it's available on any other website you will more than likely find it on and on the off chance that you don't, we will "Special Order" it for you. There really is no limit. Electronics & gadgets, sporting goods, home accessories, movies, books, shoes, apparel and thousands of other products are now just a mouse-click away!


Transparent pricing, Guaranteed delivery!

Until now, acquiring international products was not easy; requiring a trip abroad, a request to a visiting relative, or an expedition to a grey market that offers products of dubious authenticity. The few international online stores that do deliver to UK require international credit card payments, charge exorbitantly for international shipping and have no notion of import duties which are calculated and collected from the customer only after the product reaches UK . All in all, an expensive, cumbersome process with the potential for a nasty surprise when import duties are finally assessed at destination. will change the rules of this game.

We offer the best landed prices (including shipping, handling and duties) with guaranteed delivery to across the country. Payments can be made with any approved credit or debit card and the price shown is inclusive of all applicable import duties, shipping costs and handling charges. Regardless of where it is sourced from your shopping is delivered right to your doorstep with no surprises or hidden costs. And if you have any questions or concerns our customer service team is always standing by to assist.

Retail Therapy through Technology

At, we've used our technology forte to make your shopping experience the way it should be. Limitless, painless and relaxed. Amazing deal hunters, personalized recommendations, crowd-sourced (read friends and social networks) recommendations and other great features make your shopping experience more interactive and fun than you could have ever imagined. Under the hood (in the off-chance that you may be interested) is a state-of the art technology "platform" that weaves together a Web 2.0 customer experience with highly specialized business processes, a cross-border supply chain, warehouse management and catalogue and order management systems.